DWH log : error connect to the database


I finished to install my cluster and i don’t happen to see the statistics in my KMC. After some research, nothing in the DWH database and i have this error in the logs file :

INFO  31-03 15:00:24,586 - Kitchen - Start of run.
INFO  31-03 15:00:25,489 - Update Dimensions - Start of job execution
ERROR 31-03 15:00:25,782 - Update Dimensions - A serious error occurred during job execution: org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException:
Error occured while trying to connect to the database

Error connecting to database: (using class org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver)
Cannot load connection class because of underlying exception: 'java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "${DbPort}"'.

thank you in advance for your help

Many thanks


First, make sure the credentials, host name and port are correct in:

Then make sure you can connect with:
# mysql -h $DB1_HOST -u $DWH_USER -p$DWH_PASS
The ENV vars should be set for you already.

mysql> show databases;
| Database |
| information_schema |
| kaltura |
| kalturadw |
| kalturadw_bisources |
| kalturadw_ds |
| kalturalog |

Make sure you have all these.
If all is in order and it still doesnt work, please provide bigger chunks of the log.

Thank you for your answer.
Indeed, my file ‘/opt/kaltura/dwh/.kettle/kettle.properties’ is empty (just the comments)
I added the credentials, … with this file as example : kettle.template.properties

The connection to the database is ok : mysql -h $DB1_HOST -u $DWH_USER -p$DWH_PASS

but now i have this error in the logs file :

Caused by: org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleXMLException:
Unable to read file [file:///root/${EtlBasePath}/common/seize_lock_by_name.ktr]
Could not read from "file:///root/${EtlBasePath}/common/seize_lock_by_name.ktr" because it is a not a file.

Can i re-install the DWH ?

Yes, just do:
for i in mysql -N -p$PASSWD kalturadw_bisources -e "show tables";do mysql -p$PASSWD kalturadw_bisources -e “drop table $i”;done
for i in mysql -N -p$PASSWD kalturadw -e "show tables";do mysql -p$PASSWD kalturadw -e “drop table $i”;done
for i in mysql -N -p$PASSWD kalturadw_ds -e "show tables";do mysql -p$PASSWD kalturadw_ds -e “drop table $i”;done
for i in mysql -N -p$PASSWD kalturalog -e "show tables";do mysql -p$PASSWD kalturalog -e “drop table $i”;done
for i in mysql -p$PASSWD -e "Show procedure status" |grep kalturadw|awk -F " " '{print $2}';do mysql kalturadw -p$PASSWD -e “drop procedure $i;”;done
for i in mysql -p$PASSWD -e "Show procedure status" |grep kalturadw_ds|awk -F " " '{print $2}';do mysql kalturadw_ds -p$PASSWD -e “drop procedure $i;”;done

And then re-run the kaltura-dwh-config.sh script.