DVR Seek bar not shown

I have been testing a LIVE DVR setup extending the hls playlist length but haven’t been able to config/show the seek bar (Players V2 or V3).

I know the stream works well because I tested it with other players.
Maybe is an oversight but I haven’t figured out how to fix this issue.

Any help will be appreciated,

Hi @david.eusse ,

Please post the full UI conf objects for these players.


Hello Jess,

I have not modified the player but noticed that the Kaltura test player (Kaltura Player HLS URL Tester) is able to activate the bar when checking the DVR option.

I also fiddled with the entry attributes (custom_data) and added the variable from a Kaltura/Wowza entry that lets the user activate the DVR option and it works !

I would prefer to modify the player nevertheless so if you know which UIconf variable I need to set, I’l be very grateful.
We are also working and have almost finished a few lines of code for provisioning and authenticating nginx live streams alas Kaltura/Wowza. I hope to finish that soon and post it here for the convenience of all.
Best regards,