Drop folder last access time is stuck

I am running a standalone debian install of kaltura, latest edition. A few months back I did the upgrade and it seemed to go just fine. However, I noticed that none of the drop folders have been accessed since the update. For instance, I have one account with hundreds of videos in the folder waiting to transfer to the kaltura side since the update.

The customer account says it has drop folders enabled, it also says the last access time was the day I updated. No settings were changed in any client account after the kaltura update.

It seems there must be some type of watcher script that I need to restart, but cannot find directions on how to do this.


Hi @gaffneyiphone1,

The dropfolder schedulers are defined here /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/batch/batch.ini:

[KAsyncDropFolderWatcher : PeriodicWorker]
id                                                                                                      = 350
friendlyName                                                                            = Drop Folder Watcher
type                                                                                            = KAsyncDropFolderWatcher
maximumExecutionTime                                                            = 3000
scriptPath                                                                                      = ../plugins/drop_folder/batch/DropFolderWatcher/KAsyncDropFolderWatcherExe.php
params.tags                                                                                     = *

[KAsyncDropFolderContentProcessor : JobHandlerWorker]
id                                                                                                      = 355
friendlyName                                                                            = Drop Folder Content Processor
type                                                                                            = KAsyncDropFolderContentProcessor
maximumExecutionTime                                                            = 3000
curlTimeout                                                                                     = 3000
scriptPath                                                                                      = ../plugins/drop_folder/batch/DropFolderContentProcessor/KAsyncDropFolderContentProcessorExe.php

The log to /opt/kaltura/log/batch/dropfolder*log

So, I suggest looking at the logs to understand what the problem is. My guess is it has something to do with permissions on the directories the dropfolder profile is configured to look at, that’s the most common issue.