Download file to local filesystem

After looking at the Kaltura website and API’s I’ve yet to figure out how to download files from Kaltura to a local file system. Is there a means of doing this similar to an FTP get?

Please point me to a starting place where I can do more reading / research.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @garberfc,

By “how to download files from Kaltura” I assume you mean the source video files? If so, you need to use the flavorAsset service and its geturl action.
There is a full code sample using the PHP5 client here:

Of course, the same can be done using the other client libs.

flavorAsset.geturl() accepts a flavour ID as an argument. In the sample code, the ID is the ‘source’ flavour [retrieved by calling media.listAction() with the filter tagsLike = ‘source’] but you can pass any other valid flavour ID. If that’s not what you meant, please reiterate.