Does Kaltura Community suitable for my office?

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I am new :slight_smile: and I have found Kaltura from Wikipedia when I was searching for a video server software on the Internet for my office. I would like to install a video server in our local network therefore my colleagues can upload any video formats into Kaltura and watch them in our office from their browsers like Chrome and Firefox and sometimes they want to copy embed code of the video to the SharePoint or somewhere in our local network.

So I have some questions here.

1- with above situation is Kaltura Community suitable for me ?

2- can I have Kaltura Community on a server where it is in our local network without access to the Internet ?

3- can I create user account for every one of my colleagues in order to login and upload their videos ?

4- Is it possible to publish all the videos on one page like videos.mydomain.local for my colleagues to watch without login ?

** In our local network we do not have access to the Internet so does Kaltura work without the Internet access ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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#1 - yes. Kaltura CE is meant to be installed on your own dedicated server[s]. It will allow you to manage you media library from a central location, transcode your source videos so they are optimised for various devices [desktop/laptops, tablet, cellphones, etc] and serve them while taking into account the network bandwidth. It will also allow you to customise the player, add your own social plugins and watermark and much more. You can then embed the player into various external sites.

#2 - yes. You can, provided all the sites you embed the Kaltura player on have access to the API server, no external internet access is needed.

#3 - yes.

#4 - yes.

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Dear Jess,

Thank you for your information.

Bye ! :slight_smile: