Docker installation.. which directories to persist?

Hi there,

i am wondering where kaltura (single server installation) is storing the files.
the uploaded and the generated variants.

I want to persist those directories on my docker host machine to be available when the container restarts.

currently running NEOS (14.12.10)

Thank you kindly,
bort (Stephan)

Sorry. Should have read the docs
github instructions (backup and restore)

Backup and restore is quite simple. Make sure that the following is being regularly backed up:

    MySQL dump all Kaltura DBs (kaltura, kaltura_sphinx_log, kalturadw, kalturadw_bisources, kalturadw_ds, kalturalog). You can use the following mysqldump command: # mysqldump -h$DBHOST -u$DBUSER -p$DBPASSWD -P$DBPORT --routines --single-transaction $TABLE_SCHEMA $TABLE | gzip > $OUT/$TABLE_SCHEMA.$TABLE.sql.gz
    The /opt/kaltura/web directory, which includes all of the platform generated and media files.
    The /opt/kaltura/app/configurations directory, which includes all of the platform configuration files.

Hello @bort,

We store data in the MySQL DB but also use Sphinx and ES for faster retrieval of certain query responses (to wit: to quicken search operations). In addition, there are data objects stored on disk (mostly under /opt/kaltura/web which, in a clustered deployment is an NFS mount) and of course, media files, also stored under /opt/kaltura/web. That’s in addition to configuration files, typically under /opt/kaltura/app/configurations.

That pretty much covers the persistent data storage types. As you noted, it’s documented but if you have follow up questions, feel free to post them.

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