Display the Source Selector options in pixels instead of bitrate Auto HTTP Streaming (HDS)


I’m trying to display the source selector options in pixels instead of bitrate using Auto HTTP Streaming (HDS), the player is configured to show in pixels and has also tried as described in: http://knowledge.kaltura.com/how-display-source-selector-options-pixels-instead-bitrate. But always changes to bitrate, any idea please?

Community Edition 11.4.0

Thank you for any help.

Seems that the documentation is for V1 players and not V2.
In V2 players, the sourceSelector plugin has a property called “displayMode” which can receive the following values:

‘size’ – displays frame size ( default )
‘bitrate’ – displays the bitrate
’sizebitrate’ displays size followed by bitrate

These can be easily selected in Studio for the source selector plugin.
I know there might be some limitations when using HDS / HLS for from a quick test seems that under HDS the plugin displays the size property as it should.

Hello and thanks for your reply.

Yes, through the studio player I can select among the options you mentioned, and if “size” and “progressive” are selected, the sizes are showed in selector, but if switched to HDS, the selector automatically switches to bitrates but I’d like to keep in size mode.