Digital Ocean Block Storage implementation like AWS S3 and Cloudfront


Happy new year (still January :blush:) to everyone.

We are using a Digital Ocean droplet as the main Kaltura CE hosting. We want to create a separated elastic storage server (DO’s “Block Storage”) to host the original video files and their related flavors. In Digital Ocean, this elastic storage server also has an integrated CDN (like AWS CloudFront service)

We found documentation on how to accomplish this very same task with S3 and Cloudfront

Is there any previous implementantion of this functionality in Digital Ocean?
There were no results when searching for the phrase “Digital Ocean” on Kaltura Forums.

Any help will be appreciated,


To those who might be working with Digital Ocean, we just configured the Block Storage service, attached it to the droplet in which Kaltura CE is installed and then connected it via NFS to store all the uploaded video files there.