Deleting all content of specific flavor. (Source)

When I first setup Kaltura I kept the source file in my transcoding flavor choices. I just disabled this and I want to delete all of the source files. Is there an easy way to do this? As always, I appreciate any assistance.

Hi @rpelletier,

Look at the code snippet I posted on this thread:

This will output the flavour IDs that have ‘source’ as part of their tags.
Then, you’ll be able to soft delete them with flavorAsset->delete() API. I say soft delete because our delete operations never actually delete the record, they just change the status column. This is done so to allow for easy revival.
Finally, to delete from the disk, you will need to connect to the DB and run:
mysql> select concat (file_root,file_path) as path from file_sync where object_id = ‘$FLAVOR_ID’;
this will give you their location on the disk so you can remove them.

Note of course, that if you delete the source flavour, reconversion will not be possible.