Deleted Media still shows in KMC and My Media

Found a similar question to this from 2015, but suggestions did not apply as our Kaltura instance is SaaS/hosted. A user reported 2 entries were deleted, but still show in their My Media. The KMC also shows the entries, but with a status of “deleted”. All actions on the entries from Mediaspace, KAF, or KMC report “Error: Entry ID not found” (admin or user).

These particular entries are based on a YouTube import (My Media - Add New - YouTube). One is the YouTube video, and the other is a video quiz created from that YouTube video.

I attempted to get some information from the API, and possibly update and remove the entry from there, and also get ID not found.

Hello @choachy,

Since this is a very specific issue and more info that pertains to your partner ID is required, you need to open a support ticket and include the entry IDs in question.
Please copy your account manager as well,


Thank you. I did open a case on 10/2 but had not received a response, so I was getting anxious. Mainly wanted to know if there were methods of cleaning up entries that I wasn’t aware of.
I received a response last night (10/11) saying they were able to remove 1 entry, but not the other. They are escalating.
I’ll make sure to copy our account manager on cases. Thanks.