Delete exported storage from Kaltura


We installed a cluster and everything works. We use S3 for the storage.
We have a problem on the delete exported storage from Kaltura. We checked in the account publisher > ‘Remote Storage Policy’ > ‘Delete exported storage from Kaltura’ but we find all the files on our FirstFront.
We would like to delete this files on the FirstFront and to keep them only on S3bucket

Someone have an idea ?
Many thanks

Try to see tese links:

In fact, if i well understood, i think that all the physical files are not deleted. I can manually delete these files. If i delete a video in my KMC, the video won’t be available but the files will be on the local storage.



This is correct, unless you enable the /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/cron/cleanup job, which I would do with care:)