Default Template questions

Is it possible to add or change default the “Template Partner ID” when setting up new publishers? I imagine I can just configure that account as necessary and keep using, but what if I needed multiple templates for publishers? How can I add more Templates to the publisher creation dropdown? Would be valuable for rapidly setting up publisher accounts.

What all do templates carry over? Is it stuff like remote storage and delivery profiles(KAC side), or stuff like custom metadata and user roles (KMC side).

When creating a partner using the API, you can do thay, like so:

$config = new KalturaConfiguration();
$config->serviceUrl = '';
$client = new KalturaClient($config);
$name=strip_tags($first_name . $last_name);
$partner = new KalturaPartner();
$partner->description=strip_tags($description); //cannot be empty or null
$templatePartnerId = $TEMPLATE_PARTNER_ID;

$results = $client->partner->register($partner, $cmsPassword,$templatePartnerId);