Custom video url with player in Media Less entry

Hello All,

I have Media less entry in Kaltura. I want to use these entries in my player with my custom video url. I want to do this because it will have kaltura’s analytic and already stored video somewhere
Can i do this?

If it is possible, so can you please let me know how can i use entry_id with video url(from other server).

I am trying to do this but not able to get my result which i want.
Please find the below code.
“targetId”: “kaltura_player_1435231895”,
“wid”: “_101”,
“uiconf_id”: 23448187,
“flashvars”: { },
“cache_st”: 1435231895,
“entry_id”: “0_yco7p9mq”

I am able to achieve this by use custom-url in entry_id. In that case it will not have thumbnail of entry_id and its analytic.

Thanks in advance

Nor sure if doable, but maybe you can try to catch the “play” notification and switch then.
Another option is to try and create a playlist, where the custom_url is the second item.

You can also catch the head progress events and acll the statistics service by yourself (javascript)

is it not possible to run video with entry_id and custom-url?

Or is it possible to upload video on kaltura and it will save on CDN. But it will not in kaltura. When i execute player it should read the file from CDN.
Can we achieve this one?

You should be able, but as you said, then you loose the the thumb

oke, so can you please let me know the procedure how can i do this one?

can you please help me for it. I have tried it but its create a copy in CDN and kaltura too.

Is it possible to give a custom url for a video? I am trying to achieve this since a while with no luck yet. Also I could not find any documentation for custom-url, can someone point me to its documentation or a sample?


Yes, it is possible.
You will need override the kPathManager class to write the files onto a different path, the base class is here:
And then of course you also need to override the relevant DeliveryProfile class, for example DeliveryProfileHttp if the delivery is over HTTP so that it returns the correct URL as per your changes to kPathManager.

Ok. So this means I will have to first setup the kaltura server on my local Linux machine and then I can make changes in the path as you suggested. Is my understanding correct? Also, will changing the paths affect my player in any way?

Yes, you are correct. In order to do that, you need your own Kaltura server.
The player uses the API to get a play manifest back and play it, in fact, the service is called playManifest, therefore, it does not require any changes, it will simply make a request to the server, asking for a manifest and the work of what to return will be done by the server.

Ok great! Thanks jess. Just one more question. If I install the server locally would I still need to have a partnerId?

When you install locally, you get exactly the same platform as with SaaS. Except for some paid services such as DRM for example. You will have your own KMC and admin console and you will work much the same way as you currently do with SaaS, so yes, you will create a partner ID, a player, etc. You can migrate whatever you have in SaaS to your new ENV using the API but naturally, the IDs will not remain the same ones.

You can also contact our sales about using OnPrem instead, if you prefer. Which is the paid self hosted version, in such a case, the deployment and custom developments will be done by our Professional Services team, instead of by yourself.

ok great! Thanks jess :smile: