Cuepoints not triggered instantly

I am using kaltura dynamic embed player in my application, there user can set cue points to video. When i set any cue point on video,it is not reflected on player instantly. Sometimes, it takes 2 or 3 min to reflect. We are giving a preview functionality, so that’s why i need it instantly.

I am using below code to add cue points

var cuePoint = new kaltura.kc.objects.KalturaAdCuePoint();
        cuePoint.entryId = entryId;
        cuePoint.startTime = startTime;
        cuePoint.title = title;
kalturaClient.cuePoint.add(function(results) {

Events to listen cue points

        'targetId': 'embedPlayer',
        'wid': '',
        'uiconf_id' : '',
        'entry_id' : entry_id,
            'autoPlay': false,
        'readyCallback': function( playerId ){
            console.log( "kWidget player ready: " + playerId );
            player = $( '#' + playerId ).get(0);
            player.kBind( "adOpportunity", "cuePointReached");

var cuePointReached = function(qPoint){
    console.log("cuePointReached " + qPoint)


I just want to know, is it a behaviour of kaltura or i am doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance