Cue-word search

I want students to type a key word and get linked to the section of a video whose subtitle contains that word. Can that be enabled in this opensource platform?

Hello @jackkoumi,

Yes. The Kaltura platform fully supports the addition of captions [in multiple languages] to video assets. Using the API, it is possible to search for specific strings within the caption assets.

You can see a demo of that here:

If you input “you can also toggle” in the search box, you will get the following result:
00:30 - [English] You can also toggle between the video and slides to switch their locations. is running Kaltura MediaSpace which makes use of the Kaltura APIs in order to achieve its goals. It is important to note that MediaSpace itself is NOT FOSS. However, you can build the same user experience yourself by installing the Kaltura Community Edition [CE] and using our APIs to create your own video portal.

If you’re interested in registering for a free trial of MediaSpace, please see:

I haven’t yet installed the Kaltura Community Edition and then created my own video portal. But anyway, your reply partly answers my needs. An extension to my question is as follows.
If I already have two videos (.mp4), each with its own captions (, what if the search word is, say “3c” and that word occurs twice in the first video and twice in the second video. How can a user find all four occurrences?