Create live stream entry in kaltura using Java


How to create a live stream entry using Java?
I took reference to the Kaltura python integration project and was trying to find something similar in Java. But I’m unable to find any.

Here is the Python project, which I was referring to. And it works perfectly well. Please have a look at file in python how it actually connects to the Kaltura and how live stream-entry is created.


    live_stream_entry = KalturaLiveStreamEntry() = "Webcast Tutorial"
    live_stream_entry.description = "This is a test webcast"
    live_stream_entry.mediaType = KalturaMediaType.LIVE_STREAM_FLASH
    live_stream_entry.dvrStatus = KalturaDVRStatus.ENABLED
    live_stream_entry.dvrWindow = 60
    live_stream_entry.sourceType = KalturaSourceType.LIVE_STREAM
    live_stream_entry.adminTags = "kms-webcast-event,vpaas-webcast"
    live_stream_entry.pushPublishEnabled = KalturaLivePublishStatus.DISABLED
    live_stream_entry.explicitLive = KalturaNullableBoolean.TRUE_VALUE
    live_stream_entry.recordStatus = KalturaRecordStatus.PER_SESSION
    live_stream_entry.conversionProfileId = cloud_transcode_conversion_profile_id
    live_stream_entry.recordingOptions = KalturaLiveEntryRecordingOptions()
    live_stream_entry.recordingOptions.shouldCopyEntitlement = KalturaNullableBoolean.TRUE_VALUE
    live_stream_entry.recordingOptions.shouldMakeHidden = KalturaNullableBoolean.TRUE_VALUE
    live_stream_entry.recordingOptions.shouldAutoArchive = KalturaNullableBoolean.TRUE_VALUE
    live_stream_entry.entitledUsersEdit = config.moderator_user + "," + config.broadcaster_user

    result = client.liveStream.add(live_stream_entry, KalturaSourceType.LIVE_STREAM)

In Java, I have tried the below code to generate a session first.

Configuration config = new Configuration();
Client client = new Client(config);

String session = client.generateSession("adminSecret", "userEmail",SessionType.ADMIN , partnerId, Expiry, "privileges");

And, I’m not sure how to proceed further, for creating the live stream entry in Kaltura using java. If anyone helps me with some examples, would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!