Continous live stream with Kaltura


I would to retrieve the URL from a radio broadcast that is streamed in a Live entry:

Account: 2288691
Entry: 1_nmo0jnfo

but we need a continuos stream so the HLS/HDS streams that we retrieve normally;

is not valid because the live stream is based in chunks delivery (HLS)

We would like to have a stream like this:

that generates a continuos stream from the live. How we can generate this kind of live stream?


I’m answer my question :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kaltura live stream counts with only two types of delivery profiles, which includes HDS, and HLS. Both of them use adaptive bit rates and is a chunk based stream. Currently we do not support the type of continuous stream for live services you are trying to obtained.

So, in a live entry is not possible to obtain an inline mp3 common used in radio broadast services.