Configure UI Conf IDs in Canvas application

I am integrating Kaltura Plugin in my Canvas application. How will I get UI conf ID for the player. I saw the manual but in that its telling to go to some UI confs tab but I can’t see this tab in my Kaltura account. Can someone please help me in this.


If you are referring to the player UI confs, you should go to KMC->Studio tab, where you will see all the UI conf IDs for players.

If you need a UI conf for something else, for example KCW, then, assuming you are self hosting Kaltura CE, you should be able to access the ‘Ui conf’ tab in admin console, or you can get the IDs using the API.
$client = new KalturaClient($config);
$filter = null;
$pager = null;
$result = $client->uiConf->listAction($filter, $pager);

And of course, you can set the filter object as well, for example:
$filter = new KalturaUiConfFilter();
$filter->advancedSearch = new Select Type();
$filter->nameLike = ‘KCW’;