Configure Kaltura CE10 with S3 storage & Cloudfront CDN

I am following this guide to get my Kaltura instance working with using Amazon S3 storage and also the Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

I am following this guide:

However it seems to be outdated and the guide is no longer applicable to Kaltura CE10.
Anybody managed to achieve this?


Indeed the guide you are referring to assumes Kaltura version 9.
For 10, steps are relatively similar but you need to first provide a delivery profile as well.
You can do so by going to admin console->publishers and selecting ‘Remote storage’ under the ‘Profiles’ column for your partner.
select ‘Amazon S3’ as protocol and hit 'Create New’
under Delivery Details, you will need to select an appropriate delivery profile. There are default profiles available or else, you can create one by selecting ‘Delivery Profiles’ in the profiles selectbox aforementioned.

You might prefer to use this aiding script:

Let me know if you need more assistance,

Hello, I’m also trying to get S3 storage working. I’ve followed various guides out there and tried your suggestions, but the files upload to kaltura ce (v10.21.0) and convert but don’t move over to the Amazon S3 bucket. it’s very frustrating, I’ve tried using root access keys, IAM username and password and IAM access keys, but nohing seems to work. Can anybody please help?

I don’t see any option for Delivery Profiles on the Profile Dropdown. My only options are
Remote Storage,
Virus Scan,
Distribution Profiles,
Generic Providers
Drop Folders
Event Notifications

I am still missing delivery settings when setting up a remote storage profile…

Hmm it seems some of these guides are out of date still. I don’t see how to add my delivery profiles onto a remote storage profile.