Configuration Compiled from Source causing Errors Dependency with Install

My php, sql, and other web functionally was installed by my control panel software (DIrectAdmin) and compile from source rather than from the RPM and Yum. So Yum is not recognizing that the required files are already installed causing dependency errors. Next, I am running all the lastest PHP and SQL on my host, however I am able to make specific sites use older versions of PHP configured on my host as well. Yet it is not clear where to change the configuration of place an .htaccess file to direct Kaltura where to look for the install of php v5.3.

My best option in instances like this would be to manually compile the desired script myself but their are no instructions nor is it clear were to download the files to manually compile Kaltura or install it without using Yum.

Anyone having simular issues or know a work around or fix for this issue?


Kaltura’s install is done by RPMs or deb packages [depending on your Linux distro of choice], when releasing packages in these formats, the spec file for the package declares what packages it depends upon and indeed, self compiled packages are disregarded seeing how they do not appear in the package manager DB.
This approach has a certain drawback for situations like yours but is most beneficial for ensuring the app has all the deps it needs and from the correct versions, which, for a server side app that uses as many different daemons, modules, extensions, frameworks, etc.

My suggestion to you would be to install Kaltura within say a docker container, a VM or a choorted ENV. That way, your host will remain as is with whatever you currently have on it and you can have a clean Kaltura ENV within the container.


Thank you for the prompt response I will check into this option and I will update this thread with my results in hopes it helps someone else assuming I get it to work with your suggestion.

Sure thing. If you need any assistance, do let me know:)

If you have any recommendation for open source VM software I can install via command line that would be a good start. I am having issues with installing VirtualBox which has a web based GUI php addon but I can’t get it to load without a windows x error.


Sure, if you want to go with a VM, take a look at:

Note that this will not work if you’re using an EC2 instance, seeing how these instances are already VMs themselves [Xen].
Another good option would be to use a Docker container.

For that option, see:

Just use:
# docker search centos
# docker search debian
# docker search ubuntu

based on your preference, the following versions are supported:
64 bit RHEL/CentOS 6.n, 7.n or Debian 8/Ubuntu 14.04

I backuped all my data and reinstall the system from scratch. Moved the sites hosted by my control panel to a different server and dedicated the fresh installed host to my instance of Kaltrua w/Red5. I had to install a firewall GUI application to manage the firewall as easily as I did with the control panel so I could continue to use IPtables. There should be a version that tests for pre-installed dependancies compile with code like many other applications already do.


Not sure why you needed to reinstall the system… did you try using a VM or a Docker container as I mentioned above?
The best way to ensure proper operation is to rely on official packages from the distro, which is what we do. It is a common approach that works quite well. Relying on self complied packages and hoping for the best does not really work well for complex server side software with multiple deps on various third party projects, often times, it is far more than just the version used, we also need specific compilation options for things such as FFMPEG and specific PHP extensions to ensure the proper operation of the system, all these considerations, are the reason for relying on official packages from the Linux distribution used.

Hope that explains it,

As you mention the distro was not used in my installation and it was easier to move the two sites on that box to my other commercial streaming application server that didnt not have a conflict with the web hosting control panel software. Then dedicate the entire box to this application and it specific configuration requirements. Plus I got a host of errors trying to install though VM applications for the same reasons I had trouble with installing Kaltrua in the first place. They have issues with my configuration and existing apps already install from manually compiled code rather than the distro.

Yes, I understand the rational for doing it this way but many novice users don’t have their systems configured in this manner so they rely on installtion scripts from third party software like DirectAdmin. I am privilaged enough to have a dedicated hosting environment to implement the solution with ease by doing a install on a fresh system.