Chapter Start Times?

This wasn’t the easiest one to title, so hopefully my explanation will be more easily understood.
I live-stream adaptive pass-through streams for 4 large events per week. I open these up with a 10 minute bail countdown giving the audience plenty of time to settle in and also provides a buffer to react to unforeseen issues. Unless I trim the bail out for the VoD version, the only other option is to provide the audience a Timeline chapter to quickly jump to the head of the video as oppose to scrolling there. Both are not ideal.
I know there’s a player specific way (uiVar) to provide a unique start point (singular), however, since events don’t always start on time, that’s not a good solution either. Also, I’m not happy with the trim option due to transcode time constraints and reduction in quality (different topic).
Ideally, I would like to be able to choose my first MediaSpace Timeline Chapter as the unique video start point (Kaltura feature request?). However, if anyone else in the Community has any other ideas that would accommodate this type of work-flow, I’m all ears! Seems like this might benefit others as well.
Thanks in advance!