Chapter as standalone video

Hello team!

It’s possible to show a chapter from a video previously snipped on the KMC as a standalone video?

I’m working on a app that needs to view the chapters from a video each one as a standalone video, so will be nice if this feature is avaiable on the kaltura API, or something that can reach on this via a workaround.

Hello @jonathan_peris ,

Our API supports the clipping and trimming of any video entry. When you clip, a new entry is created and the clipped version is ingested as the source flavour of it. You can then treat that entry as you would any other.
You can see a PHP code example here:

Naturally, the same can be done with any of the supported API clients.

Chapters is often a confusing term, could you please provide more info as to the entry object you want to manipulate?


Hello Jess!

I’m refering as these ones: Kaltura Player - Fast, Flexible, Video Player Toolkit - Chapters

We’ve saw these clip and trimming features, but the result is another video created with another id and this doesn’t suit us because we have statistics on our videos, and since the trimmed video is another one, we’ll lose our tracking and statistic values

Hi @jonathan_peris,

Chapters are implemented as Annotation cuepoint objects. These objects are associated with the entry object.

You can call cuepoint.list() with KalturaCuePointFilter.entryIdEqual=$YOUR_ENTRY to retrieve them.
You can then obtain the cuepoint’s (chapter) startTime value (that’s a member on the cuepoint object) and use the player’s seek API to start playback from that point (Kaltura Player - Fast, Flexible, Video Player Toolkit - Seek Api).