Changing the logo for all the players

How can i change the logo of ALL the players hosted on the platform.

Jacob R.

Hi @razvan_iacob,

Basically, you can either include:

			"logo": {
				"plugin" : true,
				"img" : "",
				"href" : "",
				"title" : "my logo"
			"inlineScript" : false

in all your embed codes or you can use the uiConf API, first calling list() with KalturaUiConfFilter objTypeIn = ‘1,8’ to get all the player IDs, then calling get() on each to obtain the current JSON config [the ‘config’ member of the KalturaUiConf object], then change the value so that the logo plugin has your desired values and finally, calling update() passing the new config.

I recommend you call get(), modify the config and update() on one test player before iterating on all players.