CE Latest Vmware Image

Hi All,

Could somebody help me with the link for downloading the VMware Image?



Since we are releasing a version every other week and also push critical updates [if any] between releases, combined with the fact the inst process takes less than 30 minutes, there is no point in building a pre-made image.
Just follow:

Any machine, VM or real that matches the pre-reqs in that doc is fine.

Sure, thanks Jess. We are a bunch of business guys not having too much experience with Linux wanting to put together a quick demo of our concept before hiring some developers to do this properly. That’s why vmware image would have helped me. And the constraint is that I want the demo to running on my laptop without having to connect to the internet.

Is there any shortcut to avoid most of these steps listed in the procedure like picking up a cent os that already has the prerequisites like LAMP installed etc. and the rest gets done by the invocation of a script or something? Any information on these lines would help, otherwise I shall get my hands dirty to build this stuff as written here.


Honestly, Kaltura is not a simple install. The instructions are clearly, and usually work, but you’re going to have to get your hands dirty :wink:

Perhaps using Vagrant would be easier for you:

God save me :wink: I am going to resume the installation process tomorrow.

Thanks Jess, I shall take a look at the Vagrant stuff.

Jess, this is interesting. Can I do this vagrant stuff in my windows box itself?