CDN host returning response of a file having 0 bytes


I have installed Kaltura CE 10.10.0 version in my cloud space. I am able to upload videos through a Java client , but when I receive a download url and try to download the file using the url , I receive the file with 0 bytes whereas I am able to view the actual video in the physical space with the actual size.
Could you please suggest why the file size is 0 bytes.


I assume you configured a delivery profile and a remote storage profile to reflect your CDN settings?

I suggest you run an HTTP sniffer and check what URL is Kaltura trying to retrieve from, make sure its correct.
You can also check the logs under /opt/kaltura/log/ to better understand the process.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have configured delivery profile, not sure whether the configuration is correct : -

Delivery Profile …
Delivery Profile Type:- HTTP
Streamer type :- auto
Delivery Profile URL * : -

Remote Storage …

Type: -HTTP
Streamer type: - auto
Url * : -

Please suggest , as after configuration i am still unable to download the file, only able to download the html version of that file.

Please suggest

Just to add another information the URL that Kaltura is trying to retrieve from is correct, both the url is the IP address of the cloud server where the application is deployed.


Not sure I understand what you mean… can you please re-iterate?

The URL which gets generated using the Java client after successful upload returns a file having 0 bytes, http:///p/99/sp/9900/raw/entry_id/0_g6xygj9n/version/0 : this is the url that gets generated from : - client.getBaseEntryService().addFromUploadedFile(entry, token), where IP is the address of my cloud space.

Upload has happened successfully, since i am able to view the physical location of the file.

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