Category User Add

Hey there guys,
I just had a query regarding the Category User Add and seems like i am missing some point out. I would be glad if anyone can help me understand the flow for category user add.

The Scenario in our case is:

  • we add a kaltura End user into the media space as well we can login to the media space using kaltura api. But after the user is registered into kaltura refering to a code in our system we will have the corresponding category id from kmc and we need to subscribe the user into that category and redirect them to that specific category.
    As per the kaltura support we came to know that to do so we will be needing to use categoryUserAdd() function but the category id which we have in kmc we always get an exception that the category id was not found.
    Is there a way to achieve what we are looking for here.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @samyam,

Please share your code (do not include any secrets or KSes since this is a public forum) and explain what you’re trying to achieve and I’ll gladly advise you further. If you do need to share sensitive info (partner, category or user IDs) please send me a private message.


Hey jess,
I updated the question and hope you get the point i am trying to make here this one is related to mediaspace subscription for an end user using certain category id we have in the backend.

Hello @samyam ,

Please send me a private message (via the forum) with the full code, including:

  • The session (KS) generation params (minus the secret, I don’t need it) and the resulting KS
  • The category ID in question
  • The KMS base URL


Sure will do jess thanks