Can't make my code compile with PlayKitGoogleCast pod


I would like to ask for help with enabling chromecast for the iOS native kaltura player.
I tried to use the “PlayKitGoogleCast” pod with “PlayKit”, but whenever I fire a “pod update”, it downgrades some of my other, completely unrelated pods. I assume it’s because “PlayKitGoogleCast” is very old and causes some inconsistency in the dependency tree.

I’ve also tried to use “PlayKit/GoogleCastAddon” pod, but then the problem was that some code which was in your documentation wasn’t recognised.

So my first question is:
Which pod should I use if I want to enable chromecast support on ios?

My second question is:
Where can I find a proper documentation for integrating ios chromecast support in the kaltura player?
This: did not help, it’s just very outdated.


Hello Janos,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our latest updated documentation for PlayKit can be found here.
I am sorry our documentation for Google Chrome Cast was not updated.

All our samples can be found in this repo playkit-ios-samples, you can find there a sample code for ChromeCast as well.

Yes, you should use the PlayKitGoogleCast pod, our latest released version is 1.3.0.
When you perform the pod update in the terminal please verify it takes that version, if not it could be that your pod repo needs an update (perform in the terminal: pod repo update) and then perform the pod update once again.

PlayKitGoogleCast latest version uses the Google Cast SDK v4.4.4.
Are there any other pods, which you are using, that depend on Google Cast, any specific version?

Nilit Danan