Can't get 1080p working properly

Hello, for some reason I can’t see 1080pvideos fluently in my installation

I think it is not a bandwidth problem because I can do it with the same quality from other sources like youtube or netflix

720p and below work as expected

My servers are droplets (DigitalOcean)



More info is needed. Firstly, what do you mean by fluently? Can you provide a sample file produced from the flavour spec in question and the source from which it resulted?


Fluently = Without video getting stopped to load

This happens with all the files, so i don’t think is a source issue

Flavor is:
HD/1080 - WEB (H264/4000)


First, check whether the file can be played locally (using ffplay, VLC or any other media player). If so, check for erroneous requests under the Network tab and for errors in the Console.

Post your findings here and we can take it from there.