Cant find html5lib (v2.78.2) in path /apps/html5/html5lib/

My Installation seem to be missing folder v2.78.2. I noticed this when i realized the request for media resource (embed) was pointing to path /apps/html5/html5lib/v2.78.2.
My first attempt was to copy v2.78.1 and rename the copy as v2.78.2 but now i have another problem. Player continuously loads(buffering) without actually playing the resource

Using browser dev tool i notice the hls manifest is actually called with status 200 but with no response on each chunk

What could be the problem? or it is the version of the html5 player ? If it is…can you show me where to get this new version: html5lib (v2.78.2)

Hello @kennan,

What version of Kaltura CE are you running?
Also, what’s the output for:

# rpm -q kaltura-html5lib
# yum info kaltura-html5lib 
# rpm -q kaltura-base
# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/kaltura.repo

Running the above commands from dir /opt/kaltura i get the following result

rpm -q kaltura-html5lib >>> package kaltura-html5lib is not installed
rpm -q kaltura-base >>> package kaltura-base is not installed
yum info kaltura-html5lib >>> Error: No matching Packages to list

cat: /etc/yum.repos.d/kaltura.repo: No such file or directory

I think its Version 5.17.0. taken from CMS. Am not sure if this the right way of checking versions

Perhaps you’re using the deb packages? If so:

# dpkg -l kaltura-html5lib
# dpkg -l kaltura-base
# apt-cache policy kaltura-html5lib
# cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kaltura.list 

Yes. It a deb packages.
Which one would you recommend? Or should i go for a containerized version for my Ubuntu

I actually did Single-server All-In-One Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) Installation.

That’s just fine. Please post the output for the above apt and dpkg commands and we can take it from there.


Hello @kennan,

I updated the kaltura-html5lib package to 2.78.2-1 in the 15.8.0 (latest stable) repo.
Since we work with CDN, it may take a while before the update gets to the edge you’re hitting. Therefore, you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kaltura.list and replace with which will make APT hit the origin server instead. After that, run:

# apt update
# apt install kaltura-html5lib
# dpkg-reconfigure kaltura-front

And you should be fine.


Thank you
Let me try see if that works