Can't embed videos kaltura in web page


i just installed kaltura this all works normally but i can not do the integration of the videos on the web pages
How can I test for where the problem comes from?

ps i am new to kaltura, thanks for giving me the maximum of details :slight_smile:
Thank you

Hi @beeform,

Please see my response here:


Hello Jess

I thank you very much for your answer, the problem has settled alone but I have another problem:

I want to secure the integration links against the download with internet download manager and I also want to encrypt the videos so that even if we can download them we will not be able to read them

I saw on the different documentations that it is possible but I can not find the modules on my version of kaltura

could you show me how to install the security module?

and could you share a detailed installation procedure with the installation commands prerequisites and and all kaltura modules?

thank you so much