Cannot create assetComment

I have question, what with comments: is this still supported? I don’t see AssetCommentFilter or AssetCommentService in v16 PHP library.

Hello @pmaslak. is deprecated. Furthermore, the action you refer to is an OTT action.
Are you an OTT customer or an OVP one? If OVP, refer to

Also, please explain what you’re trying to accomplish. I suspect what you actually wish to achieve is to create a comment that will appear in the KMS entry view. Is that correct?
If so, then what you need to do is create a cuepoint object of type KalturaAnnotation.
Refer to

If the comment is meant to be public, set the tags member to KMS_public_comment, otherwise, it should be KMS_comment_context_$CATEGORY_ID
If the comment is a child of another comment, be sure to set the parentId member to the cuepoint ID of the parent.

You can call the curpoint.list() action, passing a KalturaCuePointFilter object with these members set:


To see what existing comment objects look like.