Can kaltura-player-js be used for commercial purpose?


I am new to Kaltura and I am interested in kaltura-player-js provided on GitHub (
This is provided in AGPL license, and I have question on this.
I couldn’t be sure about the license and couldn’t find similar topic here in forum, so I hope it’s ok to ask but here is my question.
Does this mean that in case I include this player on whatever commercial service that I would like to develop, I must publicly open all the source codes of my service?
Here I can see check mark on commercial use permissions, but I wasn’t sure.

Thank you for your help.

hi there @narengi1234 , welcome!
Yes, all of Kaltura’s projects are dual-licensed under AGPL v3, or as a commercial paid license as part SaaS packages.

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Hi @ZoharBabin ! I understood that my code need to be publicly opened. Thank you so much for your answer.

Hi @ZoharBabin,

Sorry for the trouble, but may I ask you extra question on this matter?
I missed to include precondition of my issue, so I need to ask you same question on AGPL license again.

I have asked this same question to sales representative of Oracle and Kaltura but haven’t got response yet,
so I had to open case in this community.
Sorry for my poor English, but I hope you understand my question.

I am trying to develop commercial service using Oracle Contents Management(OCM) as headless CMS.
OCM is content management solution provided by Oracle to manage documents or videos (it includes content preview and editing functions).
It can be used as it is to access from GUI or can be used as headless CMS and we develop custom frontend.

It seems that Oracle have partnered with Kaltura in developing OCM’s video playing and video editing functions.
Yet, I need to access OCM from GUI in using Kaltura player which is not possible in this case that I use OCM as headless CMS,
so I need other player in playing video stored in OCM.

By the way, Oracle provides tips to use this Kaltura js player to play videos store on OCM when using this OCM as headless CMS,
and this is how I learned about the open source version of Kaltura player.

Now my question is, since I pay for Oracle PaaS, OCM, it means I am indirectly paying for the service of Kaltura,
then does this still means license of AGPL applied in this case and I have to publicly open all the codes
or AGPL license not going to be applied in this case.

Thanks for providing more information. If you are using Kaltura under a commercial license (be it directly or via an OEM partner of Kaltura), you are indeed under the commercial license and not under the AGPL license.

For more specific technical assistance with your workflow and integration, please email us more details on (if you know who your Oracle account manager is, it’ll be great if you CC them on that email too), and we’d be happy to assist you further.

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Hi @ZoharBabin, thank you very much for your prompt response, and thank you for your information.

I would confirm about email address of Oracle account manager and will contact to the address you mentioned.

Thank you again for your support.