Call to Action Plugin - Collect Form/Submit Form

I have installed CE 11.5 and enabled the Submit Form in the Universal Studio based on

When a user completes and submits the form, where does the data go?

The callForAction form is not submitting the data to the server. It just dispatches an event called “actionFormSubmitted” holding the form data. You need to register to this event on your page and handle the received data as you see fit. Here is a sample code:

kWidget.embed({ 'targetId': 'targetDiv', 'wid': '_811441', 'uiconf_id' : '11824841', 'entry_id' : '1_3fxkoyn2', 'readyCallback': function(id){ var kdp = document.getElementById(id); kdp.kBind("actionFormSubmitted", function(formData){ // submit form data }); }, 'flashvars': { 'actionForm': { plugin: true, displayOn: 'start', description: 'For more information, please enter your details and we will get back to you' } } });

Hello @amir_chervinsky1, thank you for your reply. I checked the KMC User Manual but didn’t find any information about the Call To Action Form. Can you provide any examples or documentation of how the form data can be handled?

Here is a demo page:
The “Customize” tab lists the required parameters and their descriptions as well as the required JSON config for enabling it. As I said, the data is not submitted automatically. It triggers an event allowing you to handle the data on your page (see my code above).


Hello @amir_chervinsky1, yes I have the code you provided already on my page, and I understand that the data is not submitted automatically and that an event is triggered upon submitting the form … What I was inquiring about if there is any documentation about how the data can be handled when the event is triggered. Please advise. Thank you.

The data handling is up to your decision. We do not provide documentation as this is out of the player’s scope. You register to the event on your page, retrieve the data and can handle it as you wish: send it to your server, save it to local cookie, use it on your page etc. Kaltura doesn’t provide any saving mechanism for this data on our servers.

Thank you @amir_chervinsky1