Call To Action Basic Buttons

I want to display the action button after the video of Kaltura.
How do I set Attribute. [Customize] tab is this URL.

I changed “label” and “url” of [actions] tab. But I couldn’t display [action button] when I submit [Preview player] button.
Dose anyone know this cause?
How do I set each attribute?
And How do I make [Value] column?

The problem is with the test page, not the player. Seems that changing the JSON data in the “Customize” tab doesn’t work properly when clicking the “preview player” button. Nevertheless, you can take the code from the “embed” tab on the left hand side (under the Customize tab), add it to your page and make the modifications there.

I’m not sure what you mean regarding the “value” column - can you please elaborate as to what you are trying to achieve?


You can see a live working example here:

I’ve actually did it in a slightly more sophisticated way, in order to be able to configure the CTA button per Entry on the the entry’s custom metadata instead of on the player level. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I created a new metadata profile in my account (KMC>Settings>Custom Metadata). I called the profile: “Call to Action” and the System Name was set to “playeractions”.
  2. In that custom metadata profile, I’ve created the following fields:
    1. System Name:ActionButtons, Name: actionButtons, Searchable:Yes, Type: Text, Description: JSON object representing the desired call to action buttons .
    2. System Name:CustomTemplatePath, Name:customTemplatePath, Searchable:No, Type: Text, Description: Override the default template for entry specific designs
  3. Visit the Player Studio tab (KMC>Studio>Universal Studio), edit the player you wish to add the CTA buttons to.
  4. On the left-side menu, click on the Plugins icon (), and add the following UI Variables:
    1. actionButtons.plugin=true
    2. actionButtons.displayOn=end
    3. actionButtons.customDataKey=ActionButtons
    4. actionButtons.metadataProfileId=3416131 (this is the ID of the custom metadata profile we created in steps 1-2)
    5. actionButtons.templatePath={mediaProxy.entryMetadata.CustomTemplatePath}
  5. Click “Save Player Settings”
  6. Visit the Kaltura Entry you wish to have a CTA button show up at the end of (KMC>Content and edit the entry you wish to add CTA to).
  7. Scroll the details fields, until you get to the “Call to Action” profile section, then add to the fields the appropriate values.
    1. actionButtons - add the JSON string representing the CTA button you wish to add (in the above example as reference, the JSON was: {"openInNewWindow":true,"actions":[{"id":"register","label":"Register to CLS 2015","url":""},{"id":"forum","label":"Join the Community Forum","url":""}]}
    2. customTemplatePath - add the URL to the customized html template you wish to use to render your CTA button. Or leave empty to use the default Kaltura CTA template. (in the above example as reference, the URL was: , you can view source to see how it looks like).

From now on, you’ll be able to have custom CTA buttons defined per Kaltura video.
On entries where these fields were not configured (i.e. the fields were left empty), the CTA plugin will simply not load.

Thank you very much for your answer.
And, I’m really sorry to reply late.
Certainly you’re right, when I changed the JSON data, it did not work correctly.
Eventually, I made a Custom Metadata in KMC. And I was successful by using the player with a custom button.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your answer.
And, I’m really sorry to reply late.
Also, Thank you for the answer to duplicate questions.
Please look at the other one.