C# multirequest example?

Does anyone have a decent example of using multirequest in c#? The api docs don’t cover this yet and it seems it’s a bit different since I last wrote multirequest code for Kaltura. :slight_smile:

I’d think I’d just use a multirequestbuilder object and add API actions to it. However, this doesn’t seem to function like I’m expecting.

https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/service/multirequest <–nothing here yet. :slight_smile:

I just needed to be pointed in the right direction and I can take it from there. Thanks!

Of course, when I post this I end up figuring it out. :slight_smile: Use the MultiRequestBuilder object and add your request builder objects to it.

I haven’t looked at referencing previous calls to other calls in the list yet.

Hi @david.hahn1,

See https://github.com/kaltura/KalturaGeneratedAPIClientsCsharp/blob/14.13.0/KalturaClientTester/ClientTester.cs#L1039

Thank you, Jess. Much appreciated.