C# MediaEntry Check when uploaded

I am attempting to pull a Named media entry via API,then check when the mediaentry was recorded or created or uploaded, then check the status.

I am able to pull a mediaEntry by name, then pasrse the string for information.My problem is with the StartDate and EndDate of the MediaEntry

Using the generated code from media.get - Kaltura VPaaS API Documentation, I am unable to get a meaningful startdate or endate from the API. The startdate and endate are returned as -2147483648, which is the smallest possible signed 32bit integer. I would appreciate help, as I am trying to write a program to check the status of recordings by time period.

        static void Main(string[] args)
            Client client = createKalturaClient();
            bool done = false;
            string entryId = "0_4jc0n48q";

            OnCompletedHandler<MediaEntry> handler = new OnCompletedHandler<MediaEntry>(
                  (MediaEntry result, Exception e) =>
                      done = true;
                      //The line belwo is the only added line. It pulls the StartDate directly from the MediaItem

            while (!done)

        static Client createKalturaClient()
            Configuration config = new Configuration();
            config.ServiceUrl = "https://www.kaltura.com/";
            Client client = new Client(config);
            int partnerId = ;
            string secret = "";
            string userId = "";
            SessionType type = SessionType.ADMIN;
            int expiry = 86400;
            string privileges = "";
            client.KS = client.GenerateSession(partnerId, secret, userId, type, expiry, privileges);
            return client;

        public static void PrintObject<T>(T obj)
            var t = typeof(T);
            var props = t.GetProperties();
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            foreach (var item in props)
                    sb.Append(item.Name + ": " + item.GetValue(obj, null) + "\n");
                catch (Exception ex)

This bug with the wrong data type appears to apply to the following fields:
SearchProviderType, IsTrimDisabled, StartDate, EndDate
All of those fields return -2147483648 which is the minimum value of a signed 32 bit integer. This corresponds to GMT: Friday, December 13, 1901 8:45:52 PM
When I do the same query on media.get - Kaltura VPaaS API Documentation
there is not a field for StartDate or EndDate. There are fields for CreatedAt and Updated at.

Should I be able to get a meaningful StartDate or EndDate?

What does the createdAt field of a MediaEntry mean? What does the UpdatedAt field of a mediaEntry mean?

Thank you

StartDate and EndDate refer to the availability of the media entry to end users. On a media entry in the KMC, you’ll have a Scheduling tab that, by default, is configured to Anytime. When a start date or end date are not specified, you’ll get the minimum integer value on those properties. You are probably wanting to use the createdAt property. This is the time when the entry was created in the system. Your instance might also be configured for metadata that holds values for when the media was actually created/recorded (and manually entered by the owner), but you won’t find that information using the media service. That would be found using the Metadata service and that’s a whole different, complicated process.


The createdAt value is exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you Dave