Black screen video


I have integrated playkit into my react-native app following the steps shown over here.

Specifically, I have created a java class which is an exact copy of the following class:

I am testing on a Android 8.0+ device.
When the video loads, there is only audio. The video is just a black screen. I am linking to a mp4 file - in fact to the same file gleaned in the java class link above. I have tried a different mp4 file and encountered the same problem

Can someone please help on where I can start looking to fix this?

There are no errors shown anywhere.


Do you have any logs ro share?

Please email me to
Lets try to work on it to together

Thank you for responding. Although the problem still exists, I think the root cause is with my react native code and not the Playkit SDK. So, I dont want to bother you with this problem. Thank you again.

@vinod_kumar1 Were you able to fix this?