Bare bones installation


What packages are absolutely necessary for a Kaltura instance to work? I just want to be able to upload videos and share them via iframe embedding.


Hello @Edward,

First, one needs to remember that the Kaltura platform can be deployed as a cluster of nodes or a standalone server (aka all in one). Naturally, for anything apart from dev/testing purposes, you’d want a cluster, as you’ll want redundancy and the ability to handle load. The different node roles, and the packages needed for each, are detailed in the docs.

For supported RPM based distros, when deploying an all in one instance, you need to install the kaltura-server meta package. That one doesn’t deploy any content (actual files on disk), it simply declares that it depends on multiple packages required for such a deployment. In turn, each of these depends on additional packages. You can use standard RPM/YUM commands to learn what dependencies a given package has.

For supported deb based distros, again, for all in one, you can look at the installation script to understand what packages are needed.

As with any platform, some packages are critical for the core functionality and others are only needed for specific features. The ES package for example, provides better searching functionality than Sphinx does but is not mandatory for the basic operation of the core platform. The kaltura-html5lib3 and kaltura-playkit-bundler packages are only needed if you want to use Kaltura player v3.

Bottom line is that the packages fetched when installing the kaltura-server [RPM] or when invoking the [deb] form the platform’s base and ideally, they should all be installed.

If there are specific problems, please post them and I’ll assist you further.