Automatically detecting default player for publisher/partner via API


Hope you guys are well.

I have been looking into the kaltura api to automatically detect or use a publishers/partners default player. We are part way through developing a CMS to manage the video side of things but are now a bit stuck in regards to showing video previews to publishers/partners in the CMS as we cannot find a way for it to use and detect the default player for each respective publisher/partner.

Hope you can point us in the right direction.

Hi @amar,

There really is no such thing as default player per partner.
When a partner is created, unless specified differently by setting templatePartnerId when making a call to the partner->register() API, the default content and player configurations are cloned from partner 99 [AKA the Template Partner].

If you want to get all UI conf objects/records that represent players for a given partner, you can use the uiConf->list() API, passing objTypeIn=1,8
Where 1 is the value for the PLAYER constant and 8 is the value for PLAYER_V3 constant [i.e HTML5 players]. You can also filter based on player tags, using tagsMultiLikeOr and tagsMultiLikeAnd.
For instance, when adding a player via Studio, the following tags are set: ‘html5studio,player’.