Automatic play with subtittles

I know there’s a way to active Auto-Play on a player but not if there’s a default subtitles.
What I would like to set up is auto-play in mute with English subtitles by default. Is this possible?


In KMC->content->click on your entry’s name and go to the ‘Captions’ tab on the left pane. There, upload the captions file you’d like to use as default and under the “Actions” column, click on “Set as default” and save it.
In KMC->Studio, edit your player and enable the Closed Captions plugin. If you want to audio to be muted, you can check “Start player muted”.

I do not seem to have the “Closed Captions” plugin.
But I do see that when setting a sole subtitle it will display it by default.

Can this be done at a front-end level? when rendering the player can I assign a subtitle (if it exists). Let’s say I have site and its subsites are translated to other languages. I’d like each page to start the video using the subtitles in its own language (if they exist).


Please see