Aria attributes on video player iframe

I’m coming across Kaltura video players with the following ARIA attributes:

aria-labelledby=”Player kaltura_player_28132631″ aria-describedby=”The Kaltura Dynamic Video Player”

I believe these are default values. It’s my understanding that both aria-labeledby and aria-describedby should reference ID’s in the same DOM containing the actual label or description. They can reference multiple DOM elements, so Player kaltura_player_28132631 is technically correct, however, I don’t find ID’s named Player, and kaltura_player_28132631 (or relevant ID) doesn’t contain anything that would reflect a label.

I’m wondering if I’m overlooking something, or if this is a bug.

Aside from that, screen readers don’t seem to pick up on any ARIA attributes on iframes. A solution can be to add an ARIA role tag of “presentation” to the iframe as suggested here:


Did you find a solution to this? I’m working on resolving some accessibility issues and would love a work-around for this.


Not quite sure I understand… where do you see these Kaltura player embed codes and how were they generated?
Can you include a link to a public page featuring such an embed code?