Are there work arounds for downloading Kaltura videos?

Proud father of a college graduate here! The school posted a video of the graduation.

I’d love to make sure we have a copy of the ceremony. I wrote to their IT department support asking about downloading the video and

a) they said the download capability is turned off for that video currently
b) I’d need to contact the department that made it and ask about that. I emailed / tried to call them but don’t get anyone to help. I guess it’s the summer, the school is big and they did a lot of work for graduation videos and are taking time off?

I thought it was funny - the IT department said (besides suggesting I ask the department that made the video):

Beyond that, you might be able to get a browser add-on that would allow you to rip the video from the page, though I don’t have any recommendations to give on that front.

I know of and but they don’t take the URL above - I get an error message. Is there a work around someone can offer?