Arc GIS Story Map Video Embed - error

Hi All,
I am trying to embed an unlisted kaltura video in an arc gis story map. It throws an error “This URL was not recognized, please try a different link,” when I try to insert the kaltura link. If I paste in a youtube link it works fine and the video plays. Anyone run into this yet? Any ideas? I am in chat w/Kaltura chat now but thought I would post this up for the wider new community. Thanks

Hello @hafford ,

Please provide the URL you’ve tried to use.


Test Story Map w/ youtube test in it (set to public)

Unlisted test 360 clip I want to embed (unlisted):

Hi @hafford.

First of all, making the video unlisted is unfortunately not enough, because, when content entitlement is enforced (which is the default), it will only make the video playable within KMS/KAF context.
If you want it to be available/playable from a third party system (and falls under that category), you will need to either associate the entry ID in question (1_pa42hlsr in this case) with a category for which content entitlement is not enforced (you’ll need to create such a category in KMC or using the API) or, generate a KS which you will need to pass as part of the URL you set in Arc GIS. Since a KS has an expiry date, it should not be a static string.

Secondly, I wasn’t able to easily ascertain from their docs what format they expect to receive for a video URL.

If they support HLS manifests, then the URL for the entry above would be:

Otherwise, you could try progressive serving, like this:

Documentation for the content entitlement mechanism is available here:

The different playManifest options are documented here: