API that gives all video sources from entry id (Including rtmp)


We are planning to use kaltura as video hosting platform and play videos with our own player but being served from Kaltura’s servers. This is needed as we use jwplayer for our self hosted videos and there are number of plugins we developed for it. We want these plugins for the videos that are being served from Kaltura. At this point i see that it is possible to get video flavours through player’s getResources api (http://player.kaltura.com/docs/getSources). But this way i can’t get the rtmp server end point which is needed to stream the videos.

Also, i could see that we can do rtmp streaming is possible with jwplayer (http://www.kaltura.org/using-rtmp-streaming?lightframe) provided i know the rtmp stream server URI and stream file name. It would be great to know which API i can use to get this rtmp stream server URI and filename.