Analytics report: "Unable to create report. Query produced too many results"


I’m not able to retrieve a report filtered by categories, since I receive this error message from KMC in Analtyics/Top Contens:

Unable to create report. Query produced too many results

Anyone have experience about it?

I checked the code in github and It seems to me that the “limit” depends from the consts defenied in:

in particular:

Someone can confirm me if is it possible set a different size max values ?


Nobody have experience about this report limit?


There is a search limitation of 1000 entries per category. That’s set on the Sphinx level.
So commenting these lines will not help, you will not get an exception but you won’t get the correct results either.
What you can do is write code which uses the API to iterate over the results with a pager, getting 1000 at a time.

thanks @jess !

BTW, It seems to me that the analytics system will change in the next release 11.14 with the new Kanalony analytic, but since the limitation is on sphinx level, do you know/can share information if the limitation will persists in the future with Kanalony?

Finally, I can’t find in actual analytic api a filter to obtain a player report (all videos delivered by a specific video player).
Developing a module to retrieve data from analytics api, is it possible obtain a report by player id or simply retrieve data about playerId to apply subsequently a kind of map reduce to obtain a player report?

thanks in advance for your support!


Kanalony is work in progress but it will take time. Regardless, that won’t change the Sphinx limitation.

There is no API for that but if you have direct DB access, you can get it with:
mysql> select ui_conf_id, sum(count_plays) from kalturadw.dwh_hourly_events_devices where partner_id = $PARTNER_ID and date_id between YYMMDD and YYMMDD group by ui_conf_id;

I got it, many many thanks @jess