Analytics Question

How can I get platform reports broken down for a specific video.?
Kaltura analytics platform/system reports only shows aggregated video play counts across various devices/platform such as desktop,mobile,tablet etc.

is there any way to get plays count for single video across each platform ??

Hi @muni1729,

Each KalturaMediaEntry object has views and plays members which are set to the total number of views and plays.
And so, calling media->get() and looking at these fields will give you the grand total.
If you wish to see the number of plays for a given time period, you can use:
report->getTotal(), passing the entry ID as objectIds and reportType=1 (TOP_CONTENT)

Here is an example using the PHP client:

$reportType = KalturaReportType::TOP_CONTENT;
$reportInputFilter = new KalturaReportInputFilter();
$reportInputFilter->fromDay = 20170101;
$reportInputFilter->toDay = 20180101;
$objectIds = '1_hqzw282w';
$result = $client->report->getTotal($reportType, $reportInputFilter, $objectIds);

Which will return something like this:

        header  count_plays,sum_time_viewed,avg_time_viewed,count_loads,load_play_ratio,avg_view_drop_off
        data    35,12.417,0.3547714,61,0.5738,0.50714286

My question is how do we see for a particular video no of plays count by different platform.
for example. if for a particular video the plays count is 100 and the Load_counts is 150

I want to know out which 100 play counts how many of them from mobile,desktop,tablet etc.


Can some one please answer this question

Hi @muni1729,

The report service does not support that.
You can set $reportType = KalturaReportType::PLATFORMS and call report->getTable() but not per objectId.

That said, we’re currently working on an alternative analytics mechanism that does support this sort of granularity.
I believe you are using our SaaS, correct? If so, we can configure it for you so that you can test but note that this is still experimental. If you’re interested, please email me at jess.portnoy and provide your partner ID.