Analytics page not loading as supposed

When viewing the analytics page, the browser does not stop loading.
Message send to webserver should be like :slight_smile:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>KalturaReportTablenamekms101;10.058734178543091

However the part is different. How can I correct this using the API-V3 interface ? Cannot find the parameter in which the “kms101” is stored in.

Noticed that message is not shown as intended. Added spaces.
< ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>< xml>< result>< objectType>KalturaReportTable< header>name< data>kms101;< totalCount>10.058734178543091

Hi @Mwobd,

Please elaborate a bit more:
Is this Kaltura CE/OnPrem or are you using our SaaS? If SaaS, please open a ticket with out support team, otherwise:

  • When you say “the analytics page” are you referring to KMC->Analytics? does the page hang on the default view or are you trying to get a specific report?
  • Please open your browser’s dev tools before making the request and look for failing or never ending requests under the “Network” tab and for errors under the “Console” tab, then, paste your findings here.
  • In parallel from a root shell on the server, run:
    # source /etc/profile.d/kaltura*
    # kaltlog

and look at the output while making the request, if you get any errors, please paste those here as well.