Analytics blues


I am sorry for posting my analytics issues but I need some help.

I have two different setups and both experience the same issues.

After the analytics stopped working, I reinstalled kalturadwh and configured it again following Jess’s post.

Now I don’t get any log errors at all but only a few entries are registered. After calculating a few entries, nothing else happens.

Any help will be appreciated,

Thank you,

David Eusse

Hi @david.eusse,

I’d start by verifying that the stats.collect events are actually recorded in the Apache access log and these are rotated to /opt/kaltura/web/logs.
Then I’d run each DWH job individually and check the logs under /opt/kaltura/dwh/logs.

Sometimes these logs are misleading because the erroneous lines are not always prefixed with
“ERROR”, especially when exceptions occur. This code does not do exception handling well so you must inspect these minutely.

Hello Jess,

All log files are rotaded and put into dwh/cycles/originals accordingly. I have also looked for sql errors on all dwh logs and nothing happens.

I have also looked for any sql errors like “couldn’t insert, etc.” and I can find anything.

I notice that dwh_hourly_events_entry is not filled, for instance.

Is there a way to force a deeper debug log for the dwh scripts ?

Thank you again for your help,