An Error occured Zend 0

Hi all.
Caveat: New to Kaltura and also new to Docker and Docker Compose.
I have managed to set up an instance of Kaltura using the b0r7/kaltura-server container and the percona:5.5 MySQL container.
Neither of these have mail/smtp capabilites but that is a minor issue at the moment.
I manage to get both containers running via Docker-Compose.
After running the install script using just “media2” as the CDN/Hostname, everything works fine after creating a new publisher.
However, running the install script and using, going to “Manage - New” gives a “Zend 0”: error, and “Manage” gives an “Invalid user id” error.
Any help is appreciated.
The host is Debian Buster (10).
Latest version of Docker Engine/Docker Compose.
Yes, I did try using the official Kaltura docker image but it stops running so the install script can’t be run.
If you need any information (Docker Compose file, logs, etc) please let me know.

Hello @Anestis ,

First of all, just to confirm, what partner are you trying to log into KMC with?

To debug further, please open your browser’s dev tools then, perform the action (select “Manage new” in the admin console Actions menu) and look under the “Network” tab for failing requests and under the “Console” tab for errors.
In parallel from a root shell on the server, run:

# . /etc/profile.d/kaltura* 
# kaltlog

And look at the errors outputted to STDOUT.
Paste your findings here.
Please also include the following info:

  • Kaltura CE version
  • Linux disto used (in the containers)

The above process (and request for info) is applicable to pretty much any issue you encounter.