Allow Multiple Correct Answers in Video Quizzes?

Is there any plan to implement a “multiple answers” feature in video quizzes? Both Blackboard and Canvas allow this (among many other question types) and it’s frustrating to have to limit quiz design when delivering them as an interactive video. We have many situations in which multiple answers are the best practice for that situation, such as scientific observations in which several numerical answers could be correct in terms of the observed data.

Hello @seanholland,

Pardon the delay in response, I wanted to check with the relevant product manager before replying.
We acknowledge that this is a much sought after feature and intend to add it in the future.
I’m afraid at this time, we cannot commit to an ETA but I will update this thread when it happens.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thank you for looking into this and getting back to me. I look forward to seeing this implemented. Thank you.